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Let’s try nomadic life!

Why? To realise an old project

Countries crossed :

Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia (transsiberian train between Irkutsk and Moscow, then another train from Moscow to St Petersburg), Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France

Km cycling : 10.586 km only cycling; we could add around 5.700 km in train (around 5.300 in Transsiberian from Irkustk to Moscow + around 400 km in train from Moscow to St Petersburg)

Total km could be around : 16.300 km!!


18th of January 2017

End of our journey :

On wednesday the 1st of November 2017 at 2:30pm in Normandy (at Restaurant l’Ecuyer Normand, 23 route de Paris 61300 Chandai)

=>288 days of travelling

Interviews :

  • December 2017, french radio : Radio Pulse (90 FM Alençon) :


  • Our journey has been related on French TV “France 3 Centre-Val-de-Loire” on the show « 9h50 le matin » direct live! On Monday, the 20th of November 2017, from 8 minutes 20 sec :


Or in the last two minutes :


  • In France, Chandai (Orne, Normandy), beginning of November 2017)


(By Jérôme Andrillon from Le Réveil Normand, Ouest France)

  • In France, Montdidier (Somme, Picardie), end of October 2017 :


(written by Cécile Latinovic)

Interview (filmed) in Ulan Ude arigus tv : https://arigus.tv/news/item/95964/

Interview (filmed) in Ulan Ude baikal atv : http://baikal-atv.ru/news/1/320123/